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java security AccessControlException: access denied (java io FilePermission clie
java lang InstantiationException: org apache tools ant Main
Apache Axis Tutorial
Struts <logic iterate >
log4j properties How to parse outpu to multiple files
configuring log4j with BEA Weblogic 8 1
How to use XSL FOP Java together
JSP precompile
Servlet File Download dialog problem (IE6,Adobe 6 0)
Proposal: Adding jar manifest classpath in jar and war plugins
Unsupported major minor version 48 0 problem while running the an
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java security AccessControlException: access denied (java io FilePermission
axis wsdl2java Ant Task usage
net sf hibernate MappingException: Error reading resource: test/User hbm xml
Building EAR ANT Script for websphere 5 0
jsp data into Excel
Classpath problem
Jboss 3 2 3+ vs Tomcat Axis Question
RE: How to include jars and add them into the MANIFEST MF/Class Path
Printing problem
Couldn 't find trusted certificate
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Excel: Too many different cell formats
Running junit tests fails
XDoclet, Struts and Maven: Where to start? SOLUTION
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AXIS: tomcat timeout ?
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New Extrernal Task: RefactorIT

Hi RefactorIT includes an Ant task for metrics and audits. RefactorIT is a Java refactoring audit and metrics tool. It plugs into major Java IDEs also runs stand-alone with a GUI and a comma

Calling a target in a another build file

(This must have been asked before but I can 't find anything about it the archives manual ...) Is it possible for a build file to use a target in /another/ build file? Otherwise build files

Proc issue

Hi Guys is there a possible way to run "proc " in an ant task? is there a built in task for this issue? thanks in advance netaB The information contained in this message is propr

AntXtras 0.4b5 available

ANNOUNCEMENT Version 0.4 beta5 of JWare/AntXtras Foundation (AntXtras) is available. This milestone focuses on the flowcontrol framework and bugfixes. AntXtras release notes at http //pu

Antwort: Re: Ant <gcc > + .NET tasks

NAnt also supports the Microsoft C++ compiler but of course doesn 't support C++ on other plattforms. -Oliver Nick_Gianakas@(protected)

Propertyfile question ..

I have a Universalbuild.xml file where I am trying to use MailLogger .I have couple of file based on the number of projects . I want to use a particular based on

How to join lines into one line?

Hi how can I join SQL statements into one line (I have a lot of statements in an SQL file)? Here is an example INSERT INTO acl_dfl_acc(id name) VALUES (1 'Project - Admin ') (2 'Exec

Antwort: working with .NET/gcc tasks

I use NAnt to do this http // "Neta Bar Tal " <NETAB@(protected) An "Ant Users List " <user@(protected)

right way to use a condition

Hi I have a condition to determine whether or not my test target should run junit reports. I placed the condition in a dependent task test-init ' (which also tries to make use of the condition).

jsp precompilation with ant ant tomcat 5.0.19

i 'm trying to add jsp page precompilatipon to my webproject using the jspc task and the jasper compiler from tomcat 5.0.19. after getting the classpath right (took some serious trial-n-error ti

<copy > task problem

Hi I 'm trying to copy a fileset as the following example <chmod perm "a+x " > <fileset dir "${env.CCWSCA}/scripts " includes "**/* "/ >

Ant <gcc > + .NET tasks

Hi All I 'd like to know if anyone is using these tasks ( <gcc > or .NET tasks) in order to compile and link C/C++ applications. is it recommended? thanks in advance. netaB The i

working with .NET/gcc tasks

Hi All I want to convert all my c++/.NET builds to work with ANT. does anyone have any experience with this issue. is it recommended? thanks in advance netaB The information contain

Help with subant

Anyone have some pointers on using subant to b uild projects? I 've been getting results that don 't match the documentation (or the code for that matter) <macrodef name "reinvoke-ant " > <at

cygpath: can 't convert empty path

Hi All! Whenever I try to run any Ant build file in Cygwin it seems to work ok but I see this message first cygpath can 't convert empty path Here is the full output from the simple build f

AW: How to create paths that depend on a condition?

Hi have you tried using <patterset >s? They support if/unless attributes for <include >/ <exclude > elements. Greetings Chris > -----Urspr´┐Żngliche Nachricht----- > Von Vincent Massol [mailt

How to create paths that depend on a condition?

Hi I 'd like to create a <path > that depends on some property being defined or not. This is for putting inside the <javac > task. I cannot find the right combination. Here 's what I 'd like to do

macrodef / subant inherit problem

I am seeing some odd behavior and wondered if others have noticed this before. I am using subant to call down to another buildfile and have set both inheritall "false " and inheritrefs "false " y


How are people handling deployments? Currently we 're using exploded directory structures (both in dev and in prod). I 'd like to see us get on the ear/war boat but the biggest complaint is that it

manifest (and other task passing) passing to subants

Hey I was wondering if there was a way to import the same manifest block to each subant call you make? I was looking at using the import task but because the mainfest entity would not be at t

Calling a Unix Command from Ant

Hi All Does anybody know how to run a UNIX command ........from an ANT script ????? shailesh

My 1st Ant Script. having trouble

Hey guys this is my 1st ANT script. 1st of all i get a bunch of java cannot open zip errors. i think maybe the ClassPath i set in <java > might not be getting all the jars in that lib directory. I th

ClassLoading within <script > using javascript

I have a file stucture like so ./build.xml ./lib/foo.jar foo.jar is NOT on my classpath when I invoke ant. I want to be able to dynamically load classes from foo.jar or append the jar to

BuildMonkey v1.1.8

Apologies for the wide alias. BuildMonkey v1.1.8 has just been released and is available for download at This release fixes a number of bugs including a particularly anno

Error Handling

You can use the ant-contrib (http // <trycatch > task (http // "Trytask is a wrapper that lets you run a set of tasks and o

flatten question

Greetings - I want to take all the files from a directory tree flatten them into one directory and tar that directory. The problem I am having is that the directories themselves are being created

Generate XML from ant

Hello i want to know if there is a mechanism inside ant 1.6.1 which allows to generate build.xml. In fact i must make a tool which generate build.xml file and i want to use the ant API in ord

Ant commands for websphere4.0?

Hi Do anybody have any ant scripts for any of the below tasks in websphere 4.0 1.stopping the server group 2.deploy the ear on one of the node 3.copy the deployed ear to clustered env 4.start

xmlcatalog example for schema

Does anyone have a working example of using xmlcatalog with an xmlvalidate task? I have searched the ANT docs and every xmlcatalog related bit of info I can find on the web but I don 't seem t

The link to 'path ' in "catalogpath " topic is incorrect. The link is correct in a previous paragraph but wrong in this one. Michael Giroux
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